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A Look at South County's Dog Parks

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Buying a home in South County puts you in the heart of one of the country's most beautiful locations. No matter the neighborhood you select, you're always mere minutes from a scenic beach, secluded hiking trail, or lively restaurant near the water.

If you're a dog-lover, you'll be happy to learn that the area has plenty of pet-friendly beaches and trails, so you can take your furry friend into the wilderness as you explore the best of what Rhode Island has to offer.

The region also has some designated dog parks that are perfect if you have a puppy who doesn't yet follow commands, or you simply prefer keeping your pet in an enclosed environment.

Here's a look at some of the best dog parks in South County and its surrounding areas.

Bruce G. Ladd Memorial Dog Park in Westerly

The dog park in Westerly is named after a late sea captain and dog lover named Bruce Ladd. It's also a unique facility because it was built for the town of Westerly by Stand Up For Animals, a non-profit that recognized a need in the community.

It all started in 2009 when Stand Up For Animals got together with the Westerly Animal Shelter to construct a new center to facilitate animals' rescues and adoptions. The shelter, which sits on the shores of Chapman Pond, later evolved to include a dog park.

The dog park is large and has plenty of space for your dog to explore. There's water available, and Stand Up For Animals has a set of rules posted to keep it a safe place for dogs of all types.

There's a large parking lot next to the fenced dog-friendly area, and its location near downtown Westerly makes it easily accessible.

South Kingstown Dog Park at the Broad Rock Athletic Fields

Over in South Kingstown, there's a dog park on-site at the Broad Rock Athletic Fields on St. Dominic Road. The facility is across from the South Kingstown Recreation Center and adjacent to the South County YMCA.

The facility itself is quite large and has separate fenced areas for large and small dogs. There's also plenty of tree cover, and water is available for your dog, as well.

People within the community donate money and items like hay to support the maintenance of the park. It tends to get a bit muddy in the spring and fall, so the hay makes it a more enjoyable place and prevents the dogs from getting too dirty.

The South Kingstown Dog Park has plenty of parking, but keep in mind that it shares the lot with the ball fields. If there's a tournament in progress, you might struggle to find a spot.

Kayla Jean Ricci Dog Park in North Kingstown

Perhaps the most scenic location on this list is the Kayla Jean Ricci Dog Park in North Kingstown, which sits on the shores of Allen Harbor. This facility is relatively new and located between Allen Harbor Road and Bruce Boyer Road on a previously unused piece of land.

This park has separate sides for large and small dogs and is large enough that your dog can run a fair amount. There's also a designated parking area that ensures you'll find a space whenever you visit.

There are some drawbacks to the dog park, starting with the surface. While most dog parks have grass, this one was built on a patch of dirt and has since been covered with wood chips. As a result, the surface isn't the most comfortable for dogs.

The park also tends to get hot in the summer because there aren't any trees. It's cold in the winter, too, because it's right on the water.

Still, the Kayla Jean Ricci Dog Park is worth a visit if you live in the area.

Richmond Dog Park in Wyoming

The Richmond Dog Park sits in an industrial area in the community's Wyoming village. The park is relatively new, first opening in 2012, and provides an excellent place for your dogs to run in a peaceful environment. 

The park has a grass surface and plenty of seating for humans, so you'll be comfortable spending a fair amount of time there. It's also two acres in size, giving your pet plenty of room to roam.

There's parking for the dog park on Buttonwoods Road. It isn't paved but is large enough that finding a spot is never difficult. 

If you're in the Richmond area with your dog, this park is a great location to blow off some steam.

Plenty of Places to Take Your Furry Friend

The South County area is incredibly dog-friendly, as this list barely scratches the surface of places you can explore with your pet.

Once you buy a home in Rhode Island, you'll surely want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The abundance of dog-friendly locations here makes it easy to get outside with your furry friend.

Published October 19, 2020 in Local Information, Exploring South County