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An Overview of the Westerly Public School System

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Before buying a home in Westerly, Rhode Island, you'll probably want some information on the area's public schools. For parents, few things are as important as their children's education and, luckily, the school system in Westerly is quite good with plenty of available options.

Public school in Westerly begins for preschool children aged three to five, although enrollment in this program is optional for parents. The town also has three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school, so children can complete their entire education without leaving the area.

Here's some information on Westerly's public schools, which you'll surely want to learn about before buying your home in this scenic South County town.

Babcock Hall Inclusionary Preschool

Westerly's public pre-K school is Babcock Hall Inclusionary Preschool, a facility serving kids between the ages of three and five. All school sessions are half-days, with three-year-olds attending in the mornings and four and five-year-olds taking the afternoon classes.

Much of the curriculum at Babcock Hall focuses on socialization and play, with the idea that younger children learn by interacting with each other.

There are private preschool options in Westerly, as well, but Babcock Hall is one of the town's most accessible facilities.

Dunn's Corners Elementary School

Dunn's Corner Elementary School sits in Westerly's Weekapaug neighborhood in the east end of town. The school is for kids between kindergarten and grade four and features two specialized district programs: the Severe & Profound Special Education Program and the Behavior Support Program.

In addition to the school building, the campus has a playground, fields, and sports courts for the kids to use during their free time.

Homebuyers who end up with a property in Weekapaug will be happy to send their kids to this great school on Plateau Road.

Springbrook Elementary School

Just north of downtown Westerly is Springbrook Elementary School, another kindergarten to grade four facility. On top of its base school subjects, Springbrook has adaptive physical education, English language learning, special education, and supplemental reading services, helping to create an inclusive environment for all students.

The Springbrook campus has a playground, baseball diamond, soccer field, and sports courts, so your kids will have plenty of lunchtime and after school activities.

State Street Elementary School

The final kindergarten to grade four school in Westerly is State Street Elementary School, which sits on the south end of downtown. State Street is a large facility with two playgrounds, a massive field, and basketball courts for students to enjoy. The staff works hard to create an inclusive environment, too.

If you live on the southern end of downtown Westerly, there's a good chance your kids will attend State Street Elementary School at some point, and you should be happy about that.

Westerly Middle School

Once your kids reach grade five, they'll attend Westerly Middle School, conveniently located near the Westerly State Airport in Winnapaug. This facility is the town's only middle school, so it has a sizable student population, but the building is large enough to accommodate these students easily. 

The campus has a baseball diamond and soccer field, and there are a few outdoor areas where students can hang out after school or during their lunch hours. 

Students will attend Westerly Middle School until they reach grade eight.

Westerly High School

Last but not least, students will complete their public education at Westerly High School. This school consistently wins awards at the state and national levels. It was named the most beautiful school in Rhode Island by Architectural Digest Magazine in 2017 and as one of the best high schools in the entire country by the U.S. News & World Report.

In fact, the U.S. News & World Report gives the school an 86.21 out of 100 rating thanks mainly to its high graduation and reading proficiency rates.

Athletics are important at Westerly High, too, as student-athletes compete for the Bulldogs in sports like basketball, football, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, track and field, swimming, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. The school is part of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League, which includes schools from all over South County, Providence, and the rest of the state.

Meal Programs

Before enrolling your child in a Westerly public school, it's necessary to learn a little bit about their meal programs. Every school in Westerly serves breakfast and lunch to students every day of the week, ensuring that your child has access to healthy food while at school. The program isn't mandatory but is available to every student in the district.

The meal programs have a nominal daily fee, which you can either pre-pay online or send money with your child daily. Some families are eligible to receive free or reduced-cost meals, as well.

Starting Your New Life in Westerly

As you can see, you won't have any trouble finding a school for your kids to attend once you purchase a home in Westerly. This small town in western Rhode Island provides a wonderful lifestyle on the state's coastline, and the school system ensures that your children receive a quality education, too.

Living in South County will help you discover the lifestyle of your dreams, and the quality of the public school system will make the transition that much easier.

Published November 5, 2020 in Local Information