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Pet Boarding and Doggy Daycare Options in South County

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If you have a dog, leaving home can be a worrisome experience. Whether you're going to work for the day or taking a vacation in another country, you'll want to make sure someone is giving your furry friend the best care possible.

Luckily, South County has numerous options from which to choose.

The next time you're going to have a long day at work or take a flight overseas, consider the following service providers. They'll give your dog an enjoyable at-home experience until you're able to return.


Sandy Paws in Wakefield

The owners of Sandy Paws provide a couple of different services, depending on your needs.

For starters, when you'll be away all day, they'll go to your home to take your dog for a walk. This service ensures that your dog gets outside and can take a bathroom break, even when you're out and about for hours at a time. Walks can be 15, 30, or 60 minutes in length, and online booking is available.

If you'll be away overnight, Sandy Paws also offers a pet sitting service in your home. An employee will visit your house at night to take your dog for a walk, and return in the morning to feed your dog breakfast and go for another walk. You can book this service in 12-hour increments, making it very flexible to your needs.

Cat care is available, as well.


The Gnarly Dog in Narragansett

For a much different experience, you can try The Gnarly Dog, which is a facility where you can drop your dog off for the day. Half and full day options are available, and your dog is kept in a safe environment with food, water, outdoor access, and plenty of playmates.

Your dog will require a temperament evaluation before attending and must have all of its shots.

There is dog boarding available through The Gnarly Dog, as well, which is a $50 flat rate per day. The price includes a full day of daycare, but you must pick your dog up by 10:00 AM the following day. Discounts are offered if you'll be leaving your dog for more than seven nights.


Wags and Whiskers in Wakefield

Wags and Whiskers is a small, owner-operated business with numerous services from which to choose.

To start, there is a doggy daycare service where you can leave your dog at the Wags and Whiskers facility throughout the day. The play area here is fenced, and your dog will receive plenty of attention.

If you're heading on vacation, you can opt for their overnight service, which is defined as a 24-hour visit. You can book up to three weeks in a row of overnight care for your dog, but reserve early because they have limited space. A free pet transportation service is available within an eight-mile radius, as well.

Next, Wags and Whiskers offers a service where they'll visit your home during the day to take your dog for a walk. These visits are 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length, depending on your preferences and schedule. They'll take care of your cats, fish, rabbits, and other pets during these visits, too.


Ruff Life Dog Day Care in North Kingstown

Both daycare and overnight stays are available at Ruff Life Dog Day Care.

A temperament evaluation is mandatory for all dogs who will visit the venue. From there, full and half day options are available, with discounts offered when multiple days are booked at once.

Overnight stays are good for 24 hours and include a full day of care at the facility. Dog transportation is also available for an additional fee.


Kingston Kennel in Wakefield

Kingston Kennel is right next to the Washington County Veterinary Hospital, and services are available at the veterinary office throughout your pet's stay. As a result, this kennel is an excellent place for older dogs or those with health problems because they can receive the care they need while you're away.

Keep in mind that the dogs are generally kept inside when they stay here, other than bathroom breaks, unless you pay extra for doggie playtime. There are also additional charges for large dogs, puppies, geriatric dogs, and dogs with behavioral problems.

Cat boarding is available, as well.


Don't Worry About Your Pets While You're Away

Having so many pet care options in South County means you'll never have to worry about your dogs or cats when you're out of town.

Whether you need someone to stop by to let your dog out for a few minutes during the day or are going away for a couple of weeks and need a place for your pet to stay, you're covered thanks to these excellent South County services.

Published September 17, 2019 in Local Information, Exploring South County