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Spending the Day at Johnston War Memorial Park in Johnston, RI

The town of Johnston, Rhode Island, isn't a household name, so it might surprise you to learn that it has nearly 30,000 residents and dates back to 1759.

Perhaps the lack of notoriety is because Johnston so closely borders Cranston and Providence that those who don't know any better assume it's part of one of those cities.

And that assumption isn't far off, as Johnston is part of Greater Providence and residents will have access to all of the city's amenities.

There are a few things that Johnston, RI, can call its own, however, and one of the best-known is Johnston War Memorial Park, a modern venue in the downtown area with all the facilities locals need from a city park.

Photograph of Johnston War Memorial park in early fall in Johnston, RI

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Here's a look at ways you can spend your time at this park after buying a home in Johnston.

The Playground

The first thing you'll see from the parking lot at Johnston Memorial Park is the playground, which has three distinct sections.

First, there's the area for smaller kids, so children five and under don't have to worry about larger children running them over or taking up all of the equipment. This part of the playground also has smaller facilities that are safer for younger children.

Next, there's the older kids' playground, which is more of a standard playground where school-aged children can race around and have fun. There's a climbing wall in this area, too, which provides hours of entertainment.

Finally, there's the swing area, which is separate to protect kids from being kicked while others are using the swings. Parents love this feature because it provides an added layer of protection for children as they use it.

Sports Facilities

Whether you participate in sports yourself or have kids who love to get out and compete, there's a good chance you'll end up at Johnston Memorial Park at some point for a game.

The park has two baseball diamonds and two softball fields, providing plenty of space for children and adults alike.

There are also three tennis courts and two basketball courts at the park. These facilities are for everyday use throughout the spring, summer, and fall, so you can usually drop in and play if no one else is using them.

The Walking Path

One of the park's main draws is the walking path, which winds around Pocasset Pond between the parking lot and Hartford Avenue. The trail is paved and does a complete loop, making it a relaxing place to exercise without venturing outside of downtown Johnston.

The path even has three bridges, two over the Pocasset River and another to an island in the middle of the pond, which provide scenic places to stop and watch the ducks and other animals in the water.

Whenever you're looking for a relaxing spot to take a stroll in Johnston, Rhode Island, think of Memorial Park.

Picnic Grounds and Benches

If you're spending the entire day at Johnston Memorial Park, you'll want a place to eat. The good news is that the park is loaded with picnic tables, and even has a covered pavilion where you can enjoy your meal in comfort.

As for benches, there are plenty of places to sit along the water and near the recreational facilities, so you'll never have to look far for a comfortable spot in the shade.

War Memorials

This park got its name from the on-site war memorials, as multiple monuments honor the troops from various conflicts throughout American history.

There are many memorials at the park, so it will take some time to go through them all. Some of the more visible are the plaques featuring the names of soldiers who lost their lives at war and the honor wall, which has the names of those who were brave enough to go into battle. The park has a monument dedicated to those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, too.

Perhaps the most famous monuments at the park are the tank and howitzer gun from World War II. These markers provide insight into the machinery used in battle as a way of remembering the soldiers' sacrifices.

Johnston War Memorial Park is one of the more noteworthy war memorials in Rhode Island, and it worth checking out for that reason alone.

Special Events

Although Johnston residents generally use this park for its fields, playgrounds, and walking path, there are often special events that give locals even more reason to visit.

For starters, there's a stage at the park that will frequently host concerts in the summer. The park is also known to have car shows and craft fairs, bringing visitors from all over the state to Johnston, RI. You'll often see food trucks at the park during special events, too, so you can have a meal without leaving.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

A primary reason for buying a home in Johnston, Rhode Island, is escaping the city, as the community is close enough that you can commute to Providence or Boston without having to live there.

Once you live in Johnston, you'll have all kinds of opportunities to get outdoors and experience nature, including this park in the heart of town.

Small town Rhode Island provides a wonderful lifestyle, and Johnston has something for anyone who wants to live near the coast and a major city without dealing with big-city problems.

Published August 3, 2020 in Local Information