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Taking a Day Trip to Long Point in Groton, Connecticut

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The Connecticut Shoreline is full of great places to visit throughout the summer months, so you'll never run out of great beaches to explore.

A slightly off-the-beaten-path location is Groton Long Point, a private community association directly on Fishers Island Sound on the southern tip of Groton, CT.

Despite this area being a private residential association, members of the public can visit and spend time enjoying many of the amenities.

Here's what you should know about getting to and spending the day on Groton Long Point.

Getting to Groton Long Point

Making your way to Groton Long Point seems straightforward, as the community sits on the town's south end. When driving on Route 1 in the Poquonock Bridge neighborhood, you can turn onto Groton Long Point Road and follow it all the way there.

Where things get tricky is finding parking on Groton Long Point because the community reserves the vast majority of spots for those with a resident sticker. You can try finding an empty guest space, and they do exist, but it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case you're not able to locate one.

Many visitors to Groton Long Point will park at Esker Point Beach, which is a little over a mile away. You can make the walk from Esker Point to Groton Long Point in about 25 minutes or bring your bikes along to cut it down to a six-minute journey.

Keep in mind that there isn't a public marina on Groton Long Point, either, so if you're on your boat and want to visit, you'll have to moor in West Cove, unless you have a friend with a private dock.

Beaches and Parks

Once you've made your way to Groton Long Point, you'll want to make the trip worth your while. Luckily, there are a couple of great beaches to explore, along with a lovely park.

Groton Long Point Main Beach is popular with locals because there's a decent amount of space, and it's close to the Yacht Club, which is a hub of local life. Unfortunately, you can't become a member of the Yacht Club unless you live on Groton Long Point, but you can hang out on the beach all you want.

Just north of Main Beach is Groton Long Point Harbor, and south of the harbor is Upper Lagoon Park. This park is a great place to spend a few hours because it has a playground and a walking path that heads around the scenic Upper Lagoon.

The lagoon has tennis courts, too, but they are only for members of the tennis club in the summer months. Residents can use the courts in the offseason, but they are off-limits for guests.

There's also Harbor Park, which features a rustic baseball diamond and a basketball court and sits just north of the harbor in a residential area. This park is a little hidden, but it's a great place to have the kids run off some energy.

The other beach in the neighborhood, Groton Long Point South Beach, sits at the southern tip of the community. This beach is rockier than Main Beach, but it has a dock where you can head out for outstanding views of Fishers Island Sound.

Dining on Groton Long Point

It's a good idea to pack a lunch if you're only heading to Groton Long Point for a couple of hours because dining it extremely limited.

The only restaurant on Groton Long Point is the Point Spa, a seasonal venue that includes an ice cream shop and a penny candy store. The Spa makes donuts on-site, as well, and hosts a variety of special events throughout the year.

The Point Spa is open to the general public, so feel free to stop in for a bite to eat if you didn't bring food with you.

The Annual Fireworks Display

If you've never been to Groton Long Point before, consider making the trek in the middle of July, which is when the community hosts its annual fireworks display.

The Yacht Club pays for the fireworks display every year, providing a family-friendly way to spend an evening during the summer.

It gets busy when the display is about the begin, so this is another situation where you might consider parking on Esker Point and either walking or biking to the Yacht Club.

Living on Groton Long Point

Groton Long Point is an appealing place to live because so many of the amenities available are just for residents and their families. Once you buy a home in the community, you'll receive a sticker that allows you to park in the public lots and even store your boat on one of the docks at the Yacht Club, with a membership, of course.

Coastal Connecticut is full of excellent places to buy a home that provide easy beach access and a laidback way of life. If you're looking at relocating to this part of the country, Groton Long Point has everything that you could ever want from a private beachfront community.