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The Best Places to Get a Coffee in South County

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If you're part of the 64% of Americans who have at least one cup of coffee every day, finding that perfect roast or ideal blend might be a priority in your life. Those who don't drink coffee might believe that it all tastes the same, but there is a definite art to creating a noteworthy cup.

Here are some local shops in South County that have nailed their coffee offerings, and have some other noteworthy reasons to visit. Some of them even roast their beans in-house, adding an entirely new element to their java.

Dave's Coffee

When you approach Dave's Coffee in Charlestown, you'll immediately notice its unique South County charm. The storefront is quaint, helping it fit in with the other small operations in Charlestown and its surrounding area. Inside, however, you'll have access to some of the region's best coffee, along with muffins, scones, and other baked goods. Dave's Coffee also has espresso, iced coffees, and all kinds of flavoring.

Every bean used by Dave's Coffee is roasted in small batches at the company’s roasting plant in Narragansett. All of the beans come from traceable sources, as well, so you know that you're receiving the highest quality drinks available. You can order beans online or pick them up at the cafe to take home with you, as well.


TLC Coffee Roasters

Another local operation that roasts its own coffee to create that perfect cup is TLC Coffee Roasters in West Kingston. The shop sources beans from all over the world, and focuses on buying from fair-trade farms. You'll find espressos, cappuccinos, smoothies, lattes, soft drinks, and teas here and food, including breakfast sandwiches, paninis, soups, and salads, is also available.

One of the highlights at TLC Coffee Roasters is the 21 different type of iced coffees they have on tap. They also have many different coffee types, including dark and medium roasts, decaf, and organic options. You can buy this coffee by the cup at their West Kingston cafe or by the pound through their online store.


Fuel Coffee Bar

At Fuel Coffee Bar, you'll find beans roasted by TLC Coffee Roasters, so although they don’t roast beans themselves, they've got a bit of local flavor. What sets this shop apart, however, is its flavored coffee, as they soak the beans in essential oils before grinding them, creating unique items that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

You can purchase these flavored beans to take home with you or enjoy a cup on the go, but keep in mind that people love the creations at Fuel Coffee Bar, so it’s a busy place in the morning. Sitting in Narragansett, just a few blocks from Kelly Beach and 12 minutes from the University of Rhode Island, Fuel Coffee Bar is incredibly popular with locals, and a go-to spot for students, as well.


Sophie's Brewhouse

The thing about Sophie's Brewhouse is that it feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, thanks to its location along South County Trail in Exeter. Nevertheless, it's actually conveniently positioned for those commuting between South County and Providence because it's right on one of the major routes. Being close to the University of Rhode Island also makes Sophie's Brewhouse a popular spot to stop in for a cup.

As for the products, Sophie's carries a full menu of plain and flavored coffees, in addition to hot chocolate, tea, iced coffees, smoothies, and espressos. There are also breakfast and lunch menus, so you can stop in for a meal on your way to work or school.


Shayna's Place

South County locals love spending a day in downtown Wickford from time to time because of the historic buildings and relaxing atmosphere. While there, Shayna's Place, which is in the heart of the action on Brown Street, is perhaps the best place to stop for a cup of coffee. There's a bit of a local flavor here, as well, because the cafe uses beans from Pawtucket’s New Harvest Coffee Roasters.

In addition to the coffee, which is fantastic, you'll find a full menu at Shayna's Place. Breakfast offerings include egg sandwiches, bagels, smoothies, and fruit bowls, while lunch has sandwiches, salads, and chili. USA Today named this location as the number one coffee grinder in Rhode Island, so you simply can't go wrong with a cup of java from Shayna's Place.


Coffee Everywhere

Obviously, you can find coffee pretty much anywhere in South County, but these are locally-owned and operated shops that take their coffee production seriously. Stopping by any of these stores on the way to work or school promotes local business development while allowing you to try some of the best brews in the area.

Or, if you'd rather make coffee at home, it's easy to pick up a bag of beans to take with you. That way, you can enjoy these wonderful local flavors every day of the week without having to stop.

Published September 28, 2019 in Exploring South County