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What You'll Find at Salt Pond Shopping Center in Narragansett, Rhode Island

South County has a lot going for it, as this coastal section of Rhode Island is home to beautiful beaches, scenic parks, secluded natural areas, and some of the best seafood anywhere in the country.

All of this comes together to create a highly desirable place to live, although anyone arriving from a major metro area might find it lacking in the shopping department.

No, you'll never mistake South County for Manhattan's 5th Avenue, because it doesn't have the volume of shops and isn't a place where internationally-recognized brands are going to set up their flagship stores.

However, some boutiques in Wakefield-Peacedale and Westerly might catch the shopping connoisseur's attention, and a decent-sized shopping center in Narragansett hosts some of the country's best-known chains.

Here's a look at what you'll find at Salt Pond Shopping Center in Narraganset, a facility that you're sure to visit after buying a home anywhere in South County, Rhode Island.

The Stores

Of course, the most notable elements in any shopping plaza are the stores. While Salt Pond Shopping Center isn't a massive facility, there's more than enough to keep most locals interested.

First, there's the grocery store, as Salt Pond Shopping Center is home to a Stop & Shop location. This retailer features fresh produce, an on-site bakery, an in-store pharmacy, and everything else you'd expect to find in a supermarket. There's an affiliated gas station across the street, too.

Next, the mall has a Marshalls & HomeGoods store featuring furniture, kitchenware, home decor, and clothing. The shop is pretty popular and is one of the retailers that keep the plaza so active.

The mall also has Dollar Tree, Create Color Art Studio, Precision Watch & Fine Jewelry, and Pet Supplies Plus Narragansett, to name a few.

Those looking for a workout should know that Anytime Fitness has a location at Salt Pond Shopping Center, while the far end of the parking lot is home to Sherwin-Williams Paint Store and Walgreens Pharmacy.

There's something for everyone at Salt Pond Shopping Center, which makes this area one of the top places to purchase retail goods in Narragansett.

A Couple of Restaurants

In addition to the shops, there are some dining options to explore at Salt Pond Shopping Center.

The most popular is T's Restaurant Narragansett, a classic American cafe serving breakfast and lunch. The restaurant closes at three every day, though, so it isn't a place you'd head for dinner.

However, Colvitto's Pizza & Bakery is open until 8:00 PM daily and serves a wide selection of bread and pastries during the day. Of course, if you're heading there at night, it's probably for the pizza, but they have calzones, lasagna, pasta dishes, and desserts, too.

Across the Street

Although Salt Pond Shopping Center is the most established retail location in this area, this section along Point Judith Road has expanded over the years. It now has other retailers across the street. Some highlights include 3D's Convenience Store, O'Neil's Package Store, and the Narragansett Car Wash.

Dining options are aplenty in this area, too, including Gansett Wraps, New Dragon Chinese restaurant, Kingston Pizza North Point, and a Dunkin' location.

There's also Adventureland Family Fun Park nearby, in addition to Stellar Nails & Spa and Jerry's Paint and Hardware.

The gist is that there's nearly any type of retailer you can think of in this small area in Narragansett, which is what makes it such a popular place for locals to head when in search of some retail therapy.

A Top Shopping Option in Narragansett

South County's shopping scene isn't an attraction that brings in visitors from all over the country. However, there are enough options to hold you over if you relocate to this area, with the added bonus of the area's proximity to desirable shopping destinations like Providence, Stamford, Greenwich, and even New York City.

Salt Pond Shopping Center has grocery and clothing stores and many of the retailers you might seek out every week, making it a place you're likely to visit as a South County resident.

The plaza is also easily accessible. It sits on Point Judith Road, just off the Commodore Perry Highway, and is reachable directly from the Narragansett Sea Wall via South Pier Road.

Getting to know this area after buying your South County property will take some time. Still, it's nice to know there's a centrally located shopping plaza available to you in Narraganset.

Published August 31, 2021 in Exploring Our Area, Did You Know?